Sunday, January 13, 2013

13 January 2013 “Discovery and Discussion Sundays: Tiny Houses Living Small and with Less”

I thought today and possibly future Sundays, i could share something we could look at and discuss. I found this documentary about small houses and small lining. I have not as yet watched it, but will today. I felt it might be a fun sort of shared discovery to watch it together in a sense and then discuss it in the future. If no one responds, then I shall still talk about my own feelings about the film in a future post.
As the blurb about the documentary tells us “The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.” This can be a challenge. And one of the other elements I learned in my 1950’s years was my initial desire to own and gain so many vintage things slowly ebbed into wanting to rid most of the unnecessary and replace it with a few functioning pieces. Even today I still use a whisk and spoon more than my old stand mixer. I have no food processor and find knives and elbow grease work just as good and leave less clean up and storage needs. I could, as I am sure could we all, lessen my ownership of things even more.

Let us watch this film and see how we feel about our own homes and lives and things. Perhaps we may see them all differently. I know many of us must continue to tighten our belts every year. And with the added income tax coming to many of our paychecks this year and the grocery bill increasing, we must always look at ways to live frugally. But, surely, that doesn’t mean having to live with less joy or fun. I often find I contemplate life and enjoy my experiences more when I have less to do it with. A quiet afternoon in a clutter free room with my favorite tea or an hour or watching my chickens scratch about the ground can be heaps more fun than going shopping and filling up my car with useless items I don't need for my home or my body.
Well, enough chit chat from me. On with the show. I hope it is good. We shall see how it makes us view our own decisions and may possibly color future ones.
Have a lovely Sunday.


  1. Excellent documentary.The ingenuity shown by the homeowners and architects is very impressive. Some of the spaces are too small for my liking, but I can appreciate the hard work and thought that went into creating these living spaces.

  2. I'll have to watch this later as I'm at work right now, but my first thought with such tiny spaces is that I'd probably feel like the walls were closing in on me, with the lack of privacy. Both my husband and I cherish the time we spend together, but we are also very private people and need alone time. Add in 5 indoor pets....we definitely need the space!